If you are fed up of getting annoying emails in your inbox, whether they are from the news letter you subscribed to, specific people, mailing lists or spam…Gmail has made it simpler for you to block such unwanted emails.

In this short tutorial, I will take you through step that will help you learn how to keep your email inbox clean from any unwanted emails.

How To Block User/Emails On Gmail

1. If you wish to permanently  stop receiving emails from specific senders, you may do so by simply adding them to your Block list.
2. Open any email from the sender whose emails you want to block.

Block Unwanted Emails on Gmail: 5 Steps With Pictures 1

3. Click on the down arrow located at the top-right of the email and select “Block [sender name]” as shown in the image below.

Block Unwanted Emails on Gmail: 5 Steps With Pictures 2

4. Now all future messages from that particular sender will be automatically transferred to your “Junk” folder.
5. Please be informed that incase you blocked someone by mistake, you can always unblock them by following the same above steps.

How To Report Spam In Gmail

Gmail’s Spam filters are not effective because sometimes spam messages make their way to your inbox.
To let Gmail know of any Spam messages received in your inbox, open the email you suspect to be spam, click the down arrow at the top-right corner of the email, and then select Report Spam:

Block Unwanted Emails on Gmail: 5 Steps With Pictures 3

Any messages believed to be or marked as Spam will automatically be sent to your “Junk” folder.


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