Free Blog Setup

The most common excuse new bloggers give they can’t setup their own blog due to complicated steps involved. Some of them claim a WordPress blog is hard to setup thus opt for the free BlogSpot blog. Starting a blog is not a very difficult task, but if you are a beginner, you may find the process a little confusing and complicated. If you are one of those people, I’m glad to inform you that I will help you setup your WordPress blog for free and I will take care of all technical aspects of your blog. I’m offering this free service to those who want to start a new WordPress blog or those who are using the BlogSpot blog and would like to upgrade to WordPress. If you have been looking for Free Blog Design Services in Uganda or even Free Web Design in Uganda, you are in the right place, I will help setup for you a professional blog like this one of mine at zero charge.   If you contracted a professional web developer to setup for you any basic blog, they would definitely charge you hundreds of dollars because it is actually worth it, but I’m going to do it for you for FREE. Yes I’m offering this premium service at no cost. When I was setting up my first self-hosted WordPress blog, I faced a lot of problems. I failed to configure it the right way resulting into so many issues that negatively affected its performance. I later on hired someone who configured it for me properly, and this cost me lots of money. To Setup Your Own Blog, you need to have extensive knowledge about WordPress themes, Plugins, Domains, FTP, Nameservers, Redirecting, HTML/CSS, PHP, MySQL, Server configuration as well as ability to setup Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your blog. I’m giving you this free service so that you never face the same problems I went through while starting my blog. I will setup for you everything you need to start a successful blog that makes real money.

Why Is This Service Totally Free?

Somebody asked me how I’m able to offer this service for free yet other people charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars for the same? Well there’s no science behind this. For one to qualify for this service, you MUST Sign up or buy your own web hosting service through one of my web hosting partners. When you buy hosting through my affiliate links, I will earn a small commission but you won’t be charged any extra money. In fact through my links, you will be able to get hosting at a discounted price plus a free domain. That is how I’m able to give this service completely free. It is a win-win deal for both of us. You get a free professional blog (worth $300) and I receive a small commission from your web hosting purchase. You do not have to pay me anything, not even a single coin. What You Will Get From This Free Blog Setup Offer (What I will provide)

  1. Free domain name. You will get a free dot com [.com] domain of your choice when you buy hosting through my affiliate links.
  2. WordPress Installation. I will install the latest version of WordPress on your domain and correctly configure for optimal performance and functionality.
  3. Theme Design. I will design for you a WordPress Theme that is responsive in all devices. I can also install for you any other theme (free or premium) of your choice.
  4. Plugin Installation. I will also install relevant plugins required for your blog or website.
  5. Search Engine Optimization. I will ensure that your blog is SEO friendly and highly optimized so you can rank higher in search engines.
  6. Optimize Speed. I will install caching plugins and other website speed boosting tools to ensure that your blog loads at a super blazing fast speed.
  7. I will also install security tools on your blog to make sure it is completely secure from hackers.
  8. Contact Form. I will add a beautiful contact form on your blog so anyone who wants to contact you can send you a message and you will receive it via your personal email address.
  9. Free support. Even after I have setup your blog, I will continue giving you free phone and email support for 30 days. If you ever get stuck anywhere, just Contact Me and I will help you solve the issue.

Other Freebies You Get From This Offer

  • Unique design exactly the way you want your blog to look
  • Up to 5 free web pages ie Privacy Policy, About Us, Contact etc
  • Comment system on blog posts
  • Royalty free images and graphics
  • Free logo design (basic text logo)
  • Social media integration [Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+]
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Free ad integration (Adsense, banners & others)
  • Free Marketing Automation Software

Is that all I get? No, on top of that, I will train you on how to use your blog and also guide you on how you can make your blog a success and actually make money from it. I will guide you on things such as;

  • How to use WordPress
  • How to Earn from a blog
  • Writing SEO optimized content
  • Promoting a blog
  • Getting traffic for a blog

Getting Started (Claim your free Blog Setup Offer) To claim you offer, please follow the following two-step guide and you will your blog up and running. All orders will be completed on first come first served basis. Step 1: Buy Web Hosting and Get a Free DomainEvery website needs a uniques address called a domain name and a place where to store its files called a Web host. For example the domain name for this blog of mine is and I’m hosting it with a web hosting company called Bluehost, where my blog files are stored. For your blog to be accessible online, you need both need both a domain and web hosting. Now to get web hosting and Free Domain, you have to Signup for  a web hosting account with one of my web hosting partners below. I have selected the best web hosting companies based on my experience with them. To get started, choose one of the following web hosting company and signup for a web hosting account. Click on “Buy Now” and proceed with the signup process. NB: Please you must purchase hosting through links attached to this blog. If you buy using external links or coupons, you will not qualify for the free blog setup service. Buying hosting through my affiliates links earns me a small commission which enables me to continue offering this service for free. Bluehost Established in 1996, Bluehost is one of the oldest biggest web hosting companies in the world. It is arguably the best WordPress Hosting company and it is officially recommended by WordPress for the past 10 years. Bluehost offer an incredible 24/7 support by phone. The most interesting bit about Bluehost is when you buy hosting with them, you are given a discount and on top of that, you get a free domain worth about $14. Bluehost is definitely the best choice for bloggers and website starters. See Bluehost Pricing & Buy Now   HostgatorHostgator is an award-winning web hosting company, hosting over 10 million websites and blogs. I have been hosting my other two websites on since 2014 and I have never had any issues with them. Even when an issue arises, their tech support is always on standby to help you sort it out in no time. Hostgator is undoubtably an excellent choice for blog/website owners. See Hostgator Pricing & Buy NowSiteGround Siteground is one of my favourite hosts. It is very popular and highly rated web hosting company for wordpress websites. SiteGround is another host officially recommended by WordPress. They are known to offer the fastest WordPress hosting with 99.9% uptime guarantee and a 1-click WordPress install. If you ever get any problem with your host, their quick 24/7 support is always ready to help you. See SiteGround Pricing & Buy Now Dreamhost Dreamhost is an award-winning Web and WordPress hosting company hosting over 1.5+ million websites founded in 1996. It is one of the best Web hosting company that is also officially recommended by WordPress. They offer 1-click WordPress install, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited space & free SSDs which makes your site 2x faster. With all these features it turns out to be little expensive for beginners as compared to the other web hosts in this list. However, it turns out to be great web hosting, there are no setup fees, and you also get a free domain name which usually costs about 10$-15$ per year. Step 2: Fill and Submit the Free Blog Setup Order form below After you have successfully purchased hosting using my affiliate links above, fill and submit the form below. Upon submission, I will begin setting up your blog as soon as possible. Contact form goes here No Hosting: Name, Phone number, Email, Type of hosting [select], comments, Attach file/photos, submit. Already have hosting: Name, Phone number, Email, comments, Attach file/photos, submit. Please note that only submissions or orders that follow the above instructions will be responded to.

Frequently Asked Questions

I already have my web hosting, do I still qualify for the free blog setup service? No. If you have already purchased hosting from somewhere else, we will still setup your blog exactly the way you want it to be at a cost of $80. Just fill the above form and select “I already have my hosting”. How long will it take you to complete my blog? Configuring a WordPress blog the correct way normally takes some. Typically it will take us 2-3 working days to complete your blog. Just in case of any delay, I will communicate to you via phone or email. What if I get stuck and I need extra help? Just in case you get stuck, I will be available to help you. This service comes with 30 days of free email or phone support. I live in Uganda but I don’t know to pay for this online? You need to have to a Visa/Debit card from any International Bank and have a enough balance on your account. I would recommend that get the Equity Bank card. It is fast and they have no transaction. All need to do is go to any of their branches around Uganda with your National ID, open up a savings account with them with a mandatory minimum of UGX 5000/-. A card would be given to you at UGX 15,000/-. So in all you will send only UGX 20,000/- to get your Visa with Equity. All this process takes less than 30 minutes, you receive your card same day. What if I’m unable to buy hosting online, is there any other way you can help me buy? Yes, if you are living in Uganda and you are not familiar with online payment systems, we can make an arrangement, make your payment my Mobile Money and I will help you buy hosting from my end. Alternatively you can come to my office and pay hard cash. What if I wanted a full website with custom features? We can still do that for you at our sister company Boomnet Technologies. Feel free to Request a Quote Here