How To Take A Screen On Android Tab

Taking screenshots in Android Tabs is similar to that of Taking Screenshots In Android Devices. Taking a screenshot is a very important skill that every person holding a smart phone or tab should have. Screenshots are important in a way that they demonstrate computer programs. They also give access to online resources incase you have no access to internet. These days people are using screenshots to record evidence against cyber bullying.

What is a screenshot?
Many people have been asking me this question and today I would like to answer it in a simple way that; A screenshot is a picture taken by a device like a computer, mobile phone or tablet, to record the visible items displayed on the screen of the device in question. The screenshot is saved and stored as an image in different file formats.

It was really painful to take a screenshot in the early days of android smartphones and tabs as they had no option to print screen option as it is on computers and laptops.

As android advances and grows more popular than ever, it has now become very easy to capture a screenshot any android tablet or phone.

In most android tablets and phones, capturing a screen is as simple as Pressing and Holding together the Power  and Volume-down buttons at ago. In some android devices, you can simply Press Power button and Home button instead. The process of capturing screenshots in android tablets may slightly differ depending on the manufacturer of your tab. Regardless of the Android tab you have, the post will break down all the possible ways to capture a screenshot on any android tab.

Steps To Capture Or Take A Screenshot On Any Android Tab or Phone.
1.If you have a screen content you want to capture within the display area. Simply Press and Hold the Power Button, and then press the Volume Download button. Do not release the power button before pressing the volume down button.

2. If step #1 is done the right way, you should see a flash showing the photo has been saved to your tab’s gallery. Currently am using an HTC tab but it shows the image in a miniature frame which indicates that the screen has been captured successfully. Your android tab might show something slightly or totally different from mine.

3. Remember the above button combination may not work on some tabs, and this doesn’t work for you, you can try holding down the Power button first and then tap the Home button on your screen. It doesn’t matter whether your home button is touch sensitive or physical, in whatever form it is, it should work like magic.

Taking Screenshots In Android Tabs without a physical home button
Some Android devices do not have a physical Home button. For instance Samsung Galaxy View. In such devices, the button combo is Volume Down and Power, as usual with other devices. In this case, to take a screenshot, you need to Hold down both buttons until your device takes a screenshot.

Take A Screenshot In Android Tabs With S Pen
Some Samsung tabs come with the S Pen. To capture a screenshot in such devices, simply use the stylus itself to capture screens. To get started, pull out the S Pen and launch Air Command, just in case it is not done automatically. Now select “Screen write”. The screenshot is captured and it will immediately be opened for editing. Save after editing. However editing is optional. You can simply save without editing.

Taking Screenshots on Tabs with Hand gestures
High-end Samsung android tabs allow you to capture screenshots by simply swiping the screen with the side of your hand. To get this working, go to Settings > Motion and Activate the “Palm swipe to capture” setting

Taking screenshots on HTC tabs
Taking screenshots in HTC tabs still involves Home and Power buttons button this time they are pressed slightly different from other devices. In HTC, instead of holding them down simultaneously, you hold down the Power button first and then tap the capacitive or physical Home button quickly. The screen will flash and you will hear audible sound. A pop up message will come confirming your screenshot has been saved in gallery

Taking screenshots on Sony Tabs
In most Sony Tabs, a screenshot combo is the Volume Down + Power buttons. Hold down both buttons simultaneously until the screen flashes. The screenshot thumbnail will then appear on the screen and you will be notified once the screenshot has been captured.
Alternatively, you can capture a screenshot through your tab’s Power menu. Here just Hold down the Power button until the Power dialog will appear. Now Tap on “Take Screenshot” to capture or snap the screen underneath the dialog.

Taking screenshots on LG Android Tabs
In LG phones and tablets, the button combination still remains Volume Down + Power. To capture a screenshot, Long-press Volume Down + Power buttons at the same time until the screen flashes and it makes the capture tone. Like Sony, a notification will also appear on the notification menu once the screenshot is taken and captured.

Taking screenshots on Nexus Tabs
To capture screenshots on Google Nexus devices remains the same. Simply hold down both Volume Down and Power keys until you hear audio sound. The screenshot thumbnail should flash briefly on the screen and you will get a notification that your screenshot has been captured successfully.

In conclusion, capturing a screenshot on Android device is actually very easy. You can use screenshoots to share pictorial messages with everyone. Now we would like to know, what android phone or tablet do you own? How do you take screenshots on it? Share with us your screenshot capturing experience in the comments below.

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