Having a single name is now a trend on facebook especially among the teenagers. As per facebook functionality, it is not possible to create a facebook account with a one name or without last name. Developers have always found tricks to make pranks about facebook. I will explain to you steps to make your facebook profile have only one name.

How To Make A Single Name On A Facebook User Account 2016 1

How To Make Single Name On Facebook Account
1.Go to Google and search for any working Indonesian proxy and manually put it in your browser.

2. If you cannot find a working Indonesian proxy, you can Install Hola Better Internet extensive in your web browser. Hola is available for Firefox and Google Chrome.
3. Open Hola from the right top corner of your browser, search and choose Indonesia as your country. This will automatically implement the Indonesian proxy in your browser.

4. Make sure your internet is working fine with the implemented proxy or Hola extension

5. Now log into you’re the facebook account which you want to change to one name

6. Now we are ready to create a single name on facebook

7. Go to your facebook account settings and change your language to Bahasa Indonesia and SAVE.

8. Now go to the name change section, review your last name and leave only the first one.

9. Now save and your account will have only one name. The last name will be hidden.

10. After completing the above steps, go back and change your facebook back to English (US) and broswe the internet normally.

11. That is it.

NOTE: This trick will not work for you if you recently changed your facebook name. You will have to wait for 60days in order to be able to do so.

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We use a proxy so as to appear as if we are browsing facebook from Indonesia. We change the language to Bahasa Indonesia because Indonesia is the only country in the world where people have single names. So facebook favoured them by making a single name option available in their country.

If you face any problem  using this trick, please feel free to share your comment, and we will be glad to help you.


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