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Easy Screenshot is a tool to take screenshots in web pages in your browser. Easy Screenshot a very easy tool to use. The tool is currently available for Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari browsers and it does not require any reboot of the browser before working. It is a light-weight browser extension compared to other screenshot capturing tools.

With this tool, you can capture the entire screenshot of a webpage, visual part or just a portion of a web page.

Some features of easy screenshot are, being able to have multiple capture options. You can capture the entire screen in just a single click. By right-clicking anywhere on the web-page, you can select screenshot option to easily capture visual segments of the screen that falls outside of your set preferences.

In this post, I will show you how to capture a screenshot in a web page using Easy Screenshot Tool.

Why You Should Use Easy Screenshot

  • Take a full visual screen capture of any webpage.
  • Take Visual Screen capture of a web page
  • Take a portion screen capture of a web page
  • Light-weight compared to other screenshot capture extensions.

This Tutorial also Teaches How To;

  • Take screenshots in web pages on Windows
  • Take screenshots in web pages on Mac
  • Take screenshots in web pages on Linux
  • Take screenshots in web pages on Ubuntu

Steps To Take A Screenshot In Web pages Using Easy Screenshot browser addon extension
1. Install Easy Screenshot In your browser.

Download links for Easy Screenshoot

2. After installation, you don’t need to restart your browser. Your Easy Screen is now ready for use.

3. To capture any screenshot, right on the page you want to capture and you will see three options ie Capture Entire Screen, Capture Visual Part, Capture a Portion.

How To Take A Screenshot On Computer Using Easy Screenshot 1

4. To Capture a full a web page from top to the bottom, select “Capture Entire Screen“. To capture only the part on display, select “Capture Visual Part“. To capture a part of your choice, select “Capture a Portion“.

5. After selecting one of the above options, the captured screenshot will open in your default photo viewer. Save it in any location of your choice in PNG or Jpeg formats.

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