A screenshot is an image taken of whatever is visible on the screen of your computer. There are many way one can capture a screen on a PC. The Print Screen function, allows you to capture the current screen display on your monitor.

This tutorial will take you through different ways on how to take a screenshot on a computer. By the end of it, you will have learned the following:

  • How to take a screenshot in windows XP
  • How to take a screenshot in windows Vista
  • How to take a screenshot in windows 7
  • How to take a screenshot in windows 8
  • How to take a screenshot in windows 8.1
  • How to take a screenshot in windows 10
  • How to capture a screenshot in windows

Steps To Take a Screenshot on Windows

Method #1: Using The Print Screen Key

1. While on the screen you want to take a screenshot, press the Print Screen button. On most computers, this key is located on the upper right hand corner of your computer keyboard and it is represent by PrtSc SysRq as shown in the image below:

Print Sreen Key

2. After pressing the Print Screen Key, now open any graphic editing program like MS Paint and paste it there. To open MS Paint, press Win Key+R, type in mspaint and hit Enter to open it.

open mspaint

3. Once you open MS paint, you can now paste there your captured screenshot by pressing Ctrl+V.

ctrl+v to paste

4. Now click File to save the image in any location of your choice on your computer.

save screenshot in ms paint

5. NB: When you paste the image in MS Paint, you edit it using the MS paint tools like cropping before saving. Editing is an optional step.

Method #2: Using the sniping tool.
You can also take a screenshot on windows using the snipping tool. This tool is an application that comes in Windows Vista newer versions of windows. The tool allows you to save your favourite photos on your screen and share them with your friends, family members and relatives. Below are the steps to take screenshot on Windows using the Snipping Tool:

1. Go to your computer’s Start Menu and in the Search box, type in ‘Snipping Tool’.

snipping tool

2. Now click on the Snipping Tool icon that appears on the search panel.

3. After clicking on it, the program should switch to the Snipping Tool window. The windows will have three different options to choose from ie New, Cancel and Options.

snipping tool window

4. Now to take a screenshot, you have to click on New. You may want to customise the shape of the screenshot you want to capture, here you will have to click the arrow beside the New button.

new snipping tool window

5. Now hold and drag your cursor around the section you want to capture into a screenshot.

6. Next, a new window will open with the image you wanted to save or send.

drag snipping tool

7. Now click on File to save the snapshot or save it on your PC

8. Scroll down and click on Save as if you want to save the image or on Send to if you want to email it to someone.

save or send screenshot

Method #3: Using Keyboard Shortcuts With Game Bar In Windows 10
1. Original windows 10 comes with game DVR capabilities which allows you to record gameplay footage and take screenshots of your games. The Game Bar generates snapshots and saves them in your computer in “C:Users[Username]VideosCaptures.”

2. Before you start to use the Game Bar, you should first launch the Xbox app that came with your Windows 10. Open its settings and Under “Game DVR”, find the option of “Take screenshots using Game DVR,” and assign or give it any keyboard shortcut of your choice.

3. Now to take a screenshot, use the keyboard combination  ie Win Key + G which is set by default, and click or tap on the “Yes, this is a game”. Now press either the “Camera icon” or “Win Key + Alt + PrtScn” to take a snapshot.

Please note that the keyboard shortcut will only work if you had previously chosed the “Yes, this is a game” option. Now you should see a notification that “Screenshot saved”. Click on the notification and it will open the location where the screenshot is saved.


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