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All Operating Systems have a system of files called Host Files and plain text files referenced by an operating system that map hostnames to IP addresses. Sometimes these files are referred to as hosts. They can be used to block any website on a computer or network.

This article teaches you how you can block any on your Mac. To be able to this, you will need a text editor such as TextEdit.

How To Block a Website on Mac
1. Go to to Applications, select Utilities and click on Terminal.

2. Now enter /bin/cp /etc/hosts /etc/hosts-original and press Enter.

3. Here you will be asked to enter your password. Enter it and press Enter.

4. Type / Applications / / Contents / MacOS / TextEdit / etc / hosts and hit Enter. This will open your host file in TextEdit. If the file is already locked, click on Lock and then click Unlock.

5. Put your mouse cursor at the end of this entry: fe80 :: 1% lo0 localhost and hit Enter.

6. Now place you mouse cursor at infront of localhost or ::1 localhost and hit Enter. Create a new entry. Enter put a space and then type the website URL you want to block for example If you want to block more websites, hit enter and repeat the same process by adding more sites.

7. If you are done, click File and  Save the file.

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