New website owners always get excited about the possibility of earning millions of shillings [or dollars] by placing adverts on their website. Google even makes it easier for them with their advertising program called Adsense. But is putting adverts on your company business website a good idea? Well here are 11 reasons why you should never put ads on your company website.

Reasons Why You Should Not Put Advertisements On Your Company Website

1. You’re giving your competitor an opportunity

Adsense being a contextual ad program, it serves ads absed on your web page content. For example if you website is about technology, Adsense will place technology related advertisements on your site.

These ads are usually similar to your own products. This means you are giving an opportunity to your competitors to leverage their brand and generate sales Adwords/Adsense programs.

Furthermore, your competitor can can optimize his adwords campaigns through keywords which would easily allow him to get his ads on your site with less cost. This will obviously cost you much more than the few cents you would get from adsense clicks and impressions.

Please note that you do not have complete control over whose ads will appear on your site, thus this can extremely hurt your overall business.

2. Ads ‘uglify’ your website

Especially banner and text ads which may not match you website design.

3. Ads are distracting

When people visit your website, what do you want them to pay attention to? Bum enlargement ads or your new product? Ads distract visitors from seeing your important content. Avoid ads on your company website.

4. Loss of sales

If you sell things on your website, avoid putting external ads on your company website. A customer might click on the ad and go buy the same product you sell from someone else. You might earn a few cents from the ad click but you will lose thousands of shillings.

5. Your credibility is lost

Displaying ads on your company website makes your business look shoddy and shows that you can do anything just to make money which cheapens your brand.

6. It is not worth it

If you are using a PPC platform like Google Adsense, you won’t probably make much money as you think. You can get 1000 people who visit your site but less than 5 will click ads. So if you are getting such a click ratio, you will hardly make $1 day. This is a cheap way of losing readers who would later turn into real clients. It is not really worth it.

7. Customers hate ads

You are likely to lose prospective clients if your website is crowded with so many ads. Advertisers will always want to maximize the amount of ad space they get on your website. This is very intruding to readers and will drive away readers from your site, causing a big effect on your conversion rates.

8. Higher bounce rate

A single click on an AdSense ad opens in the same window, not in another browser tab. While a user can click the “back” button, chances of doing so are minimal. Here every ad click means a lost read.

9. Confusion

AdSense ads can confuse your readers if the ads do not blend well enough with your website’s design or website content.

10. Site load time

Sites that have ads are always slow when it comes to site loading speed. As we all know, a fast loading site will always get a good rank in Google unlike slow loading sites. For this reason, you should not install or implement anything on your site that would negatively affect its speed.

11. The only reason to put ads on your company website

It is a well-known fact that websites are better without ads, but good traffic can be monetized. If your company website gets lots of traffic and you feel ads won’t alienate your potential clients, it is probably worth looking into it.

Share with us your thoughts and experiences on putting ads on your company website in the comments below.

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