Website Design Checklist
The web design checklist

The web design checklist! If you have always wondered what you need to have before hiring ICT Guy and his team to design and develop your website, then this note is for you. Today we list 9 things that you must do before we can develop your website.

Things we need from you before we can start the web design process – Requirements

1. What is your business?

Tell us what your business is about. Define who you are and what you do.

2. Process delivery

Let us understand your service and process delivery ie how exactly your business makes money and how you take your client through your services or product.

3. List your website features

Make a list of all features you want your website to have, including plugins and systems.

4. Tell us Your design inspiration

Tell us how you want your website to look like or function. If possible, attach at least 3 links of websites that inspire you and you would like to have the same.

5. Buy a domain and hosting for your website

We recommend buying domains from Godaddy and hosting from Hostagator. If you cannot buy these yourself, we can help you buy them.

6. Book a photo shoot with your photographer

If your website will have specific images say fieldwork images, you must make sure you have the images ready to be published. The images must be of high quality and well edited. If you are unable take these images yourself, we will send our photographer who will capture images which would later be edited by graphic design team.

7. List down your website pages

List down what would be your website’s main pages and your sub-pages. This gives us the idea of how many pages we will have to design for you. Write copy for all your main pages and sub-pages. For example;
A. Home Page
B. Service Page
-Service 1
-Service 2
-Service 3
C. About Me Page

8. Get your legal documents ready and updated

Make sure you have a privacy policy and terms of service. If you do sales online, make sure you prepare a refund policy too.

9. Write at least 4 blog posts

If your website has a blog feature, we encourage you to launch your website with at least 4 blog posts tha+t your ideal clients or customers would be interested in reading. This also helps your clients find you in search engines like Google.

To sum it up all, providing the assets we need to start developing your website will ease our workflow or get you ready to start developing your website yourself.

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