Many people have been asking me what it takes to make money blogging. Well, when people decide to start blogging, the first thought they have is always about making money. However for one to make money from a blog, two things are required ie reputation and traffic.

In order to start a blog and make it successful, you need to first build your blogging reputation. One cannot build their blogging reputation by plagiarizing other people’s content neither can they build reputation if they try to blog about everything that comes their way.

Every blogger must have a blogging niche. Do not just blog about everything. If you are tech blogger, stick to tech related content. Do not mix it up with for example fashion, entertainment or politics. It is usually easier to build your reputation as a blogger if you strictly focus on a specific niche.

Ask yourself this question. Can you describe the purpose of your blog in one short sentence? If you can’t, then trust me your readers or audience will as well it hard to categorize your blog. When I talk of your blogging reputation, I simply mean making it much easier for your readers to associate your blog with your content.

When readers associate your blog with your content, whenever they will think about your blog niche, they will think about your blog. For instance if you blog about fashion in Uganda, having a good reputations means Ugandans looking for fashions ideas online will have your blog on their mind and will end up sharing it or recommending it to their friends.

The honest truth is that it takes a lot of time and hardwork to build a blog reputation. Like you need to offer unique and high quality keyword rich content and be able to publish new posts consistently, at least 3 long form posts per week.

You also need to differentiate your blog from other blogs within your blogging niche. For example have a better and professional blog design, create social media handles for your blogs and actively engage with your blog fans.

Another important point is traffic building. Growing your blog traffic is another way to build reputation for your blog. Good usually comes with good content. Having well researched, unique and original content will get you loyal readers who will keep coming back for more.

Search Engine Optimization [SEO] should be on top of your traffic building strategies for your blog. When your blog is well optimized, it will be easy for people to find your content when they search for keywords related to your blog niche. So it is very important for you to learn SEO strategies and implement them on your blog.

Once you start generating a considerable amount of traffic and reputation for your blog, making money from your blog will become very easy for you. You can check out these 46 Super Ways To Monetize A Blog (Website) In Uganda [In-Depth Guide].

How much money do bloggers make?

A survey conducted by ProBlogger revealed the 9% of bloggers in the world make between $200-$10000 per month while 4% make over $10000 per month. However the survey also revealed that vast majority of bloggers make less than $3.5 per day. Most of the sampled blogs were two old or less.

Can I really make a living blogging?

The shortest answer is YES, you can actually make a living blogging. If you are passionate about your blogging top or niche, and be able to create original high quality content, then you can easily earn a living from blogging. However the honest truth is many bloggers do not make enough money support themselves just with blogging alone. Blogging should only be done as a part time job just to get passive income.

How long does it take to make money blogging?

Depending on your niche what blogging model you adopt, will determine how quickly you start to make money blogging.  If you pick a wrong one, it could take you ages to start earning. Personally it took me two years to start earning real money from my first tech blog.

What are some of the Proven Strategies to Build a Profitable Blog?

  • Be about yourself and who you are!
  • Know your audience and give them exactly what they want
  • Start building an email list from the day your start your blog
  • Focus on promoting core affiliate products
  • Create your own products and sell them
  • Signup for an ad network like Google AdSense

In conclusion, if you are planning to Start a blog and make money, first learn how to build reputation and traffic, and making money will come in late. Placing advertisements on a blog with little or no traffic at all is a waste of time as you will earn nothing from it. Now that you know what takes to make money from blogging, go start a blog today and start making money.

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