What are the best Educational Websites in Uganda right now? Well by the end of this article, you should be able to tell the best e-learning platforms for Uganda.

The internet in Uganda has grown to become one of the best places for research and networking. Whether you are looking for a topic for your project or an answer to some pressing question which you can’t find in textbooks, the internet will always have a solution to it, moreover solutions from different sources.

In this article, I present to you the Top 22 most useful educational websites for Ugandan students. You can always visit these sites for in-depth and concise educational research, free eBooks (textbooks), report writing and so much more.

List of best e-learning platforms in Uganda

Please note that this is not a ranking of education platforms in Uganda. It is simply a list of exceptional educational resource websites in Uganda. This means that number #1 does not necessarily mean it  is of better standard than the rest, but the truth is the sites that appear on this list are worth the effort for all Ugandan students, teachers and researchers.

1. Yaaka Digital Learning Network

You cannot talk about authentic education websites/blogs in Uganda without mentioning Yaaka Digital Learning Network. YDLN is the fastest growing education platform in Uganda and it is one of the best educational websites in Uganda.

The Yaaka Digital Learning Network is an interactive educational network where students and teachers share knowledge. Skilled teachers can offer their tutoring services to students remotely and are paid for it, which enables them to earn an extra income teaching online.

Yaaka is built as a market place for learning where any teacher, school or learner can put up content or access learning materials. It is also a social network for learning with functions for friendship, discussion groups, forums that are based on courses and moderated by instructors

The network was launched in March 2015 and currently boosts of over 11000 registered users. The network has teachers ranging from pre-primary (nursery), primary, secondary to university levels. The network has comprehensive class notes that follow the Uganda Education Syllabus.

Activities on this platform are shared in text, audio or video formats. Virtual classes or online lessons are also held through video conferencing.

To get started with Yaaka, students and teachers simply need to register to the platform in order to be able to access or offer learning materials. Creating an account with Yaaka Digital Learning Network is free, however the network has some premium resources which you have to pay in order to access them.

2. PassUneb is another free e-learning platform dedicated to Ugandan students. The platform helps students achieve their dreams through educational and informative resources. Its authenticity is undoubtedly certain.

Passuneb gives students access to past papers, online quizzes (online self-tests), eBooks, video tutorials, virtual lab, career guidance and student news among others. Students can as well answer past papers online or download them with answers.

Passuneb’s  unique and exciting revision approach provides students with a good learning support structure and the confidence they need to excel in their final UNEB exams.

The platform is currently accessed by students from over 100 schools in Uganda for free self-revision, quizzes and career guidance. Passuneb definitely provides the easiest way to access free learning material online that would ideally cost them lots of money.

3. Sharebility Uganda

Sharebility is an education digital resource pool for Ugandan schools. Here Ugandan teachers share digital teaching or learning resources and are made available for free access by anyone. The resources are rated by the public based on quality, reporting and comments features. Sharebility maximizes e-learning resources for academic purposes through promoting the sharing culture as a way of promoting education in Uganda.

Below are some of the features of Sharebility Uganda System:

  • Users can search resources based on keywords
  • Allows creations of user accounts
  • Users can upload and download resources for free
  • Users can edit their profile information
  • Allows comments on resources
  • Admins can block users who violate system user policy
  • Admins can re-organize resources uploaded by contributors
  • Analytics

4. Walktrack Edu Platform

Walktrack Edu Platform is yet another an educational website platform in Uganda providing free open educational material for Ugandan teachers and students. Walktrack Edu Platform provides important learning resources for secondary schools and universities but mostly puts emphasis on secondary.

Walktrack Edu Platform has a varitetly of learning resources which include;

  • UNEB Past papers
  • Question and Answer Booklets
  • Powerpoint Presentations
  • Classroom notes
  • E-books
  • Short books

Other resources offered by Walktrack Edu Platform

  • Mid-Terms Exams
  • End of Term Exams
  • UCE Mock Exams
  • UACE Mock Exams
  • Practical Exams
  • Computer Resources

The platform currently has resources that are mostly produced for Lira Town College and All Saints University Lango but the founders plan to make their system where anyone can upload own original content.

The platform aims at providing high quality educational material to Ugandan teachers and students as a way of enhancing quality education in Uganda, especially Northern Uganda.

The platform also intends to provide more online assessments especially in O-level Computer Studies using easy to understand educational infographics.

5. Gayaza E-tutoring

Gayaza E-tutoring is an e-learning system that was launched in 2012 by Gayaza High School, a girls’s school located in Gayaza, Wakiso district.

The school uploads their classroom content such as tests, notes and marking guides on the e-learning education application and can be accessed by anyone who has access to the internet. The contents uploaded include;

  • Video tutorials
  • Exercises
  • Classroom notes
  • Audio podcasts
  • Resource links

In 2013, Gayaza High School was selected by a technology giant, Microsoft Corporation, as an international technology school. GHS, an all-girls boarding school, joined a list of of Microsoft’s 80 outstanding schools in the world.

6. Brainshare

BrainShare is a Ugandan e-learning platform that strategically places teachers, students and parents in a single eco-system. The academic application offers a one-stop digital environment for students revision. With brainshare, students can access well organized notes, eBooks and past papers.

The platform enables teachers to upload learning material such as notes, give assignments and can moderate students’ discussions. Students can also access a library of well-organized notes, past papers and eBooks.

Students can easily access content anywhere. The platform has both an online and offline version. In a similar way, parents can also the platform to keep with their and their teachers.

7. KayeDex

KayeDex is an online education platform where students can access past papers, take quizzes and tests. The website also has database of all Ugandan schools ranging from pre-primary to universities. The platform prides itself promoting awareness, knowledge share culture and promoting Uganda education sector through innovation.

Main features of KayeDex include;

  • Students search for education resources through the platform
  • Students can practice for exams through self-tests and quizzes
  • Teachers and students can upload content
  • Digitalized past papers with solutions
  • The platform can be access through the website, desktop app and mobile app
  • SMS integration. Schools can the KaySMS service to effectively communicate with parents and students.

8. Exam Uganda

Exam is another online education platform dedicated to Ugandan scholars. Students, especially those in secondary and primary can practice exams online and get results instantly. The website also has past papers for PLE, UCE and UACE.

9. ReviseNow

ReviseNow is a free online education portal in Uganda owned and maintained by Lwegatech Limited. The platform provides free learning and revision resources to primary, high school (secondary), tertiary and university students in Uganda. The website contains UNEB past papers, dating from as early as 1987.

10. iLearn Africa

iLearn Africa is a multi-faceted e-learning platform that provides its users with blended learning experience aimed at meeting each individuals learning style.

iLearn Africa facilitates real time self-assessment through their online score system that enables users to get real time reports showing their performance in study tests attempted through their platform platform.

The system is also well-equipped with performance analysis tools that depict a student’s performance in the modules and tests they undertaken in a given period of time.

The platform can be accessed anywhere through the web or a mobile app that runs on iOS, Windows and Android.

11. Somesa

Somesa is a knowledge sharing, training and collaborative e-learning platform for institutions, organizations and students. The platform provides collaborative e-learning services through their Somesa software. The software enables organisations and Individuals to share educational material with students.

12. Mubula History

MubulaHistory is and education blog run by Dr. Dennis Mubiru. He describes his blog as  a free high school resource center for students interested in learning. Dr. Dennis shares notes and general content

Other Useful Educational Resources For Ugandan Students

This is generalized list of educational sites that are not Ugandan but are a great source of free learning materials for students and scholars.

13. Google

Google is the king of all research websites. It believed that there’s nothing under the earth that cannot be found by asking Google. On Google you can literally find anything in just a single click of a search button.


Who doesn’t know Wikipedia anyway? I’m sure every student has probably ever come across Wikipedia during their research online. Wikipedia not only provides information on whatever you search for, but also provides references at the bottom of the page for extra reading.

You can also it other information sharing platforms ie Wiktionary, Wikibooks, Wikimedia Commons and Wikiversity.

Although some teachers and lecturers do not allow students to reference Wikipedia in their assignments, the collaboratively edited encyclopedia can be very helpful in your early research for your assignment, exercise or project.

15. Google Scholar

Google Scholar is one of the most popular education search engines where where you can easily find scholarly literature such as articles, books, abstracts and theses across many disciplines from

16. ResearchGate

This is a dynamic social networking platform for scientists and researchers. The platform not gives access to the content of 13 million researcher but also allows users to ask them questions.

17. Google Books

Google Books allows users to browser thousands of indexed books from different book stores.


Edx is one of the leading Massive Open Online (MOOCs) providers in the world. The platform offers free courses to anyone willing to learn at their own pace.


Coursera is a famous e-learning which offers links to free courses on almost any topic. You can train in anything, be it martial arts or new language.


Quora is the world’s most popular question and answer website. User can ask questions on any topic and get answers from the Quora community. Quora can also be accessed through a mobile app.


Slideshare is a famous presentation website owned by LinkedIn. People share or search for slideshows on any topic.


WikiHow is one of the most famous How-To site with in-depth guides on “How-To-Do” anything.


The internet has thousands of education resources, most of which are available for free. Students are encouraged to explore these in order to enhance their understanding. You just need to make good use of it.

This is a man-made list, if you feel there’s any education resource website for Ugandan students that shouldn’t have missed on this list, please feel free to share it in the comments and I will update the list as soon as possible.

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