Blogging has in the recent days become an activity that anyone with knowledge on a particular subject or field can do. Brands and businesses are using Ugandan tech blogs to establish their credibility in their respective industries.

Blogging in Uganda is still in its infant stage but steadily growing each day that goes by. However much the blogosphere is not yet developed in Uganda like the way it is in Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa, you can’t underestimate the usefulness of the few existing tech blogs. These tech blogs have been instrumental in breaking local tech news, local product reviews, local tech guides and so much more. Uganda is definitely headed for greater heights in terms of blogging business.

When it comes to tech blogging, there’s only a handful of established tech blogs and tech bloggers in Uganda. Some of these few blogs have established themselves as leaders in their various tech niches while others are struggling to make a way out.

In this article, I have compiled a list of the most influential technology blogs in Uganda; blogs that are doing great and are gradually taking over the online media space.

These blogs might not have won any awards or you might not have come across any of them, but they are definitely the best tech blogs in Uganda that you should check out whenever you need stories on latest Uganda technology news, startups, innovations, telecom, product reviews, analysis etc.

I have personally been following these blogs for quite a long time and I will rank them based on several factors including content quality, audience and their Alexa rank among others. If you do not agree with my ranking, you are free to make your own ranking.

List of best Technology websites in Uganda 2023

Technology blogs in Uganda have struggled to make it through, in a country where news and entertainment blogs thrive. I have always believed that technology is the avenue that will change Uganda’s fortunes.

It is quite evident that the Ministry of ICT recently started supporting startups through the National ICT Initiatives Support Programme (NIISP). All this shows how Uganda needs technology for its rapid development.

Most developed countries in the world have used technology as a tool to bring about economic and industrial development in their respective nations. This reason is enough for developing countries like Uganda to start investing reasonable proportions of the country’s revenue into science and technology.

Taking a look at the global tech landscape, you will notice that nations that are at the helm of their affairs are technologically advanced and use their technological prowess to influence economic and political decisions in less developed countries like Uganda.

These tech blogs help to enlighten citizens about the latest trends in the world of technology and innovations, which are the factors of economic development in industrialized countries. The blogs keep updated with latest development in technology and show you how you can use technology to solve problems.

We have budding tech savvys who are currently changing the Ugandan blogging game and are increasingly affecting lives of Ugandans positively with ingenuity and creativity.

Having said that, without wasting any more time, I will now present to you the top notch tech blogs and the incredible tech bloggers that run the show in Uganda.

8. Ug Tech Mag

UG Tech Magazine is a new tech blog founded in 2017 by a Computer Science student, Martin Tumusiime. Ugtech Mag is one of the fastest growing tech blogs in Uganda. The young blog shares articles on consumer technology news, blogging tips, how to make money online, tech how to’s, gadget trends and software reviews.

7. Go Tech UG

Go Tech was founded in 2017 by Kwehanga Hamza. The blog is dedicated to sharing long form content on tech how tos, ISPs / Telecoms, FinTech, Internet of Things (IoT), reviews, tips and tricks and giveaways.

Go Tech also shares insights, experiences and latest trends in the technology world, especially if it locally relates to Uganda and Africa.

The blog has some great well researched content, and if its owner works hard and remain consistent, Go Tech might just become the next big thing in the world of tech blogging in Uganda.

6. Tutorial Faq

Tutorial Faq is an expert review website founded in 2015 by Pius Kolo aka Valerian Okee. The blog offers in-depth practical guides on topics like Blogging, WordPress, Make Money Online, Programming, blog monetization, web hosting, product reviews and SEO in Uganda.

Tutorial Faq rates as one of the best resource centers for bloggers with a variety of blogging How-To tutorials. If you want to learn how to blog in Uganda, Tutorial Faq is definitely the right place to go to.

5. Guru8

Guru8 is a very old blog founded by Musiime Boses. I’m not sure when this blog was exactly founded but I started seeing it at around 2013.

The website shares insights on latest Technology news, Events, videos, reviews and many more. They also have a forum section where its readers can engage in sharing their comments and views on Uganda’s technology sector.

Its main focus is put on tech news, tech reviews and general technology discussions.

4. PC Tech Mag

PC Tech has rocked the tech landscape in Uganda since its creation in 2012. The website shares articles about tech products, local and international tech news, data plans, reviews, innovations and other tech related information.

The website also claims to publish a monthly magazine (hard copy) featuring personal and enterprise technology, interviews, reviews as well as case studies on ICTs in Africa.

The veteran blog also details consumer interests and perspectives on the African continent aimed at giving educators and students sound case studies for learning purposes.

Though I have never seen any of their magazine issue on market.

3. Digest Africa

Digest Africa is another exciting tech blog that I came to learn about recently during my research on Ugandan startups. The blog was launched in mid-2017.

Digest Africa tells a story of African Startup Ecosystem using a touch of Africanism in the most unique form never seen before. The blog reveals how untapped resources in Uganda and Africa are ripe to be exploited.

The blog provides timely and accurate in-depth startup information from all corners of Africa. Their main topics include Startups, AgTech, FinTech, Blockchain, Funding and Cryptocurrency among others.

Digest Africa aims at opening you entrepreneur mind to various tech opportunities and how Fortune companies control the tech sphere.

This blog is barely two year old, but its ratings in this short span of time is just incredible. Digest Africa is a worthy addition to the tech space.

2. Techjaja

Techjaja is one of the major players in the Ugandan blogging community. Founded in 2013, the tech site has risen to the game and has established itself in terms of authority, standard and professionalism.

Techjaja is widely known for its keen news on exciting latest tech trends, science, art, gadgets, IoT, gaming, blogs, reviews and insights on consumer technology from Uganda and all over the world.

The tech site prides itself for being able to deliver original and unbiased opinions on Uganda’s technology trends.

1. Dignited

You cannot mention the best tech blogs in Uganda and leave out Dignited. Dignited is one of the oldest tech blog in Uganda, founded in 2013 by a renowned blogger, a one David Okwii. It is the most visited tech blog in Uganda, and probably one of the biggest in East Africa.

The emergence of Dignited dates back as early as 2010. David Okwii, then a university student started a personal blog at In 2012, the blog was upgraded to

In 2014, in a drive to capture a global audience, the blog had to rid of a .ug domain and re-branded to a more internationally appealing .com domain,

In Uganda where gossip, news and entertainment websites dominate, I don’t know the secret why this tech site managed to climb to the list of top 50 most visited websites in Uganda.

Dignited covers latest technology news, gadget reviews, startups, events and insights on African innovations. The website mostly emphasizes local technology and innovations and how it impacts Uganda and Africa at large.

Most Promising Tech Blogs in Uganda

There are other upcoming tech blogs which seem to be getting on the right path. Most of these blogs are new but have a great potential to do better if they work hard.


The rating of tech blogs in Uganda changes from time to time based on several factors including changes in traffic as daily visitors increase or decrease. So please don’t completely rely on these ratings because much must have changed from the time I wrote this article. However, I will try my level best to keep this post updated. But as for now, there’s no doubt that these are the most influential tech blog in Uganda at the moment.

Do you know any other Ugandan Technology blogs that have not featured on this list? Share them in the comments below.

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