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As a curious Ugandan, you must have wondered what the top most visited websites in Uganda are, the number of people that visit them and even the amount of money they make per month. This also bogged me for a while until I decided to do my research which I have summarized for you today.

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At the end of 2020, total internet connections in Uganda stood at 18.9 million, translating into a penetration rate of 46 internet connections for every 100 Ugandans. According to Internet World Stats, this makes Uganda one of the countries with the highest penetration rate in AfricaThis means many Ugandans are using the internet to surf, connect, share information and communicate.

Yet some of the most significant Uganda traffic generators are news websites. This means Ugandans love being up-to-date with current events. Nonetheless, the news sector online in Uganda is dominated by very few players who make millions of shillings from this traffic.

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Ranking Procedure

Before we dive into details, let me briefly describe how I came up with this list of these top sites in Uganda.

  • I acquired a list of Uganda’s top 50 most visited websites from
  • I only short-listed top Ugandan websites owned by Ugandan entities.
  • I sampled top Ugandan websites offering news content.
  • Each sampled website was analyzed by Site Worth Traffic to get the site’s world rank, monthly unique visitors and estimated monthly revenue.
  • When I conducted my research, I arrived at the list below of the most popular websites in Uganda, the approximate cost it will take to buy each, their monthly traffic and monthly revenue.

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Top 5 most visited websites in Uganda, their traffic and monthly revenue

Here is a list of Uganda’s top 5 most visited websites and the average revenue they generate from simple site ads.

5. Newslexpoint

This is a surprising one. The seemingly little-known website is a big hit on the web. Newslex point is a Ugandan-based online news resource under Newslex Media Group.

The site publishes local and international stories on business, Health, Sports, Technology, Politics, entertainment and many more.

Today Newslexpoint is ranked 587,086 worldwide and generates 6,000 unique visitors per month. The site makes a monthly revenue of UGX 210,000/-. The site is valued at UGX 4,200,000/-.

4. Howwe Biz

Howwebiz is one of the leading gossip sites in Uganda. It is known for publishing controversial stories, using captivating titles, and employing vigilance in social media marketing.

Howwebiz, ranked 49,742 worldwide and getting 100,000 visitors per month, makes UGX 2,200,000/-. It is valued at UGX 152,000,000/-.

3. The Observer

The Observer, a popularly visited Ugandan news website – is a worthy competitor of the top 5 media houses in Uganda.

With more Ugandans now becoming aware of the effects of monopoly, The Observer, the only formidable news source alternative to the big players (Daily Monitor and New Vision), is slowly gaining traction with an estimated 186,000 unique visitors monthly.

The Observer site, which ranks at number 85,967 globally, makes UGX 1,270,000/- per month and is valued at UGX 92,000,000/-.

2. New Vision

Once the most visited website in Uganda, New vision lost its number #1 spot when the management switched the site to some unfriendly and unpopular technology. The site lost its Google rankings and is now a shadow of its former self. Despite the lost web traffic and drop in ranking, the site continues to publish great content, which now attracts about 480,000 monthly visitors.

The New Vision website ranks 35,561 globally and makes about UGX 3,000,000/- per month. The site is valued at UGX 212,000,000/-.

1. Daily Monitor

Nation Media Group owns Daily Monitor, the biggest privately owned newspaper in Uganda. Therefore it is not a surprise that their website also ranks as the most valuable website in Uganda.

Originally, Daily Monitor focused on mainstream news to generate their content, but with the increased competition in online journalism, they diversified to every imaginable topic in Uganda. Their very high domain rank assures them great organic traffic no matter the type of content they publish.

Daily monitor website is ranked 24,883 worldwide and generates 600,000 unique visitors per month. It makes about UGX 4,600,000/- per month. The site is valued at a crazy UGX 322,000,000/-.

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