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How do I receive and withdraw from PayPal to Mobile money in Uganda? This is the question many friends have been asking me and today I decided to answer it in this short guide.

By then end of this article, you will have learnt what PayPal is, how to create a PayPal account that receives money in Uganda and also how to withdraw your PayPal money through MTN Mobile Money or Airtel Uganda.

Let’s get started…

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What is PayPal? And how does it work?

PayPal is an online payment service that allows individuals and merchants to send and receive money electronically.

The service allows users to create accounts on its website. The account is connected to a user’s credit/debit card.

Once your PayPal account is linked with your bank account, you can send money to or receive money from other PayPal users directly from your PayPal account. The money is instantly and automatically deducted from your bank account.

PayPal uses one of the most powerful encryption technologies which make it safe and secure for customers to transfer funds without having to disclose their financial details e.g bank details.

When you receive money from other PayPal users, that money becomes PayPal Money and you can choose to cash it out via Bank or Mobile Money. A fee of about 3% is levied on every successful transaction.

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How to create a PayPal account that can receive money in Uganda

Currently it is not possible to receive money on a standard Ugandan PayPal account but you can use it to send money online and pay for goods and services.

However PayPal introduced a new service called Virtual Accounts which allows individuals and merchants all over the world to accept PayPal payments without the need to add a credit card onto their accounts.

With the Virtual PayPal account service, you can now conveniently receive or accept PayPal funds from anywhere in world and withdraw them via Mobile Money.

This is not a trick but an official service allows receiving payments in countries where PayPal services are not yet fully supported.

What is a Virtual PayPal Account?

In a layman’s language, a Virtual PayPal account is type of PayPal account that is not linked to any credit card or bank account and can receive payments in countries such as Uganda where receiving PayPal funds with a standard PayPal account is not supported.

The PayPal virtual account has two types ie Individual account and Business account. The individual account allows you to accept personal payment while the business account allows you accept payments for company or ecommerce site.

Virtual accounts are not free, and this means you have to pay to get one.

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What can a PayPal Virtual account do for you?

  • Send and receive payments from anywhere in the world
  • Accept PayPal payments on your ecommerce site
  • Make purchases on ecommerce sites where PayPal is accepted e.g eBay, Amazon, AliExpress etc
  • Transfer money from one PayPal account to another
  • Exchange your PayPal fund for cash
  • Withdraw your funds to Mobile Money via PayPal withdraw agents like Fapay.
  • Make or receive donations

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How to create a Virtual PayPal Account in Uganda

Like mentioned earlier, Virtual PayPal accounts are not free and you will need services of a verified PayPal agent to create.

Personally, I’m a verified PayPal agent and I will help you create and verify a Virtual PayPal account that can receive payments in Uganda.

The service will cost you UGX 150,000/- which is payable in cash or via mobile money.

To get started, you will need to provide the following requirements:

  1. Full name as it appears on your National ID or Passport
  2. Scanned copy of your National ID or Passport
  3. Mobile Money Number whose registered names match ones on your national ID or Passport
  4. A valid email address not attached to any existing PayPal account
  5. Business registration documents (for a Virtual Business account)
  6. Residential address e.g Kawempe, Kampala.

Send the above details to my email info @ or via my WhatsApp number +256797326164. Specify whether you want a personal Virtual PayPal account or Business Virtual PayPal account. Once the above information is received, you will be required to pay UGX 150,000/- as fee for creation of your Virtual PayPal Account.

Upon confirmation of payment, your account will be created, setup, verified and you will receive your login details and instructions on how to use it via your email or WhatsApp. The process will typically take 24-48hours.

With a Virtual PayPal Account in your hands, you can now start enjoying the fun and convenience of having a PayPal account that can receive money in Uganda. You can use it to accept donations on your website or crowd funding platforms such as GoFundMe or even ask your abroad friends to send you money.

CAUTION: Do not use a VPN to change your device location so you can create a PayPal account in a supported account, else your account will be banned by PayPal and you will lose all your money on it.

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How to withdraw PayPal funds in Uganda – PayPal to Mobile Money

It can be quite challenging if you have received PayPal funds and want to withdraw it in Uganda as PayPal doesn’t support withdraws on standard accounts in Uganda.

Ideally one could transfer the money to a friend staying in a country where PayPal withdraws are supported so they can send it to them via bank or through money remittance companies like western union. This would however be a very costly move and a lot of money would be lost in transactional fees during the process.

If you have a standard Ugandan PayPal account that doesn’t receive money, this means you can’t withdraw. In fact, you can’t withdraw if you can’t receive because you will have nothing to withdraw.

In most Western countries, money received in your PayPal account can be withdrawn to your bank account, but unfortunately that is not possible in Uganda and most African countries.

But you can use services of a local PayPal Withdraw agent. There are so many PayPal withdraw agents in Uganda but most them are fraudulent while others charge exorbitantly high withdraw fees.

The most reliable PayPal withdraw agent in Uganda that I can recommend you is Fapay (formerly PayPal Exchange Uganda). Fapay is an online financial services company in Uganda offering a wide range of services such as;

  • PayPal money withdraw in Uganda
  • Skrill withdraw in Uganda
  • Payoneer withdraw service
  • Google Wallet withdraw
  • Perfect Money withdraw in Uganda
  • Bitcoin exchange in Uganda etc.

If you have funds in your PayPal account and want to withdraw it, FaPay will help you withdraw it and give you cash or send it to your Mobile Money account (either MTN or Airtel).

FaPay charges only 10% off the amount you want withdraw together with mobile money transaction rates. They also operate on good Foreign exchange rates and do not have any hidden charges.

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Why trust FaPay?

  • Secure money transaction
  • Fast and Instant. Receive you money in just minutes.
  • Simple and convenient way to send PayPal money to mobile money accounts in Uganda
  • Lowest withdraw fees
  • No hidden costs
  • No risks

You can contact FaPay Uganda via the details below:

Call/WhatsApp: +256797326164

NB: The above withdraw method will work for those who already have funds in their virtual, standard or merchant paypal accounts and want to withdraw it in Uganda.

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  1. So if I have a PayPal account in Uganda that is not virtual, does it mean that when money is sent on the account, it will not reflect, or does not it mean that no one can send money on that PayPal account?

  2. Quick question: So if I have a PayPal account in Uganda that is not virtual, does it mean that when money is sent on the account, it will not reflect, or does not it mean that no one can send money on that PayPal account?

  3. Where are your offices located? And how do we guarantee that after sending the money for the virtal account we’ll recieve an account

    • Hey don’t worry I got my account set up within 24hrs they aren’t fakers its true they will get you an account just provide your National ID number , Date of Birth , Names for account , Email and the 150k then your account is set up in 24hrs as I said at the beginning then the login details are sent to you on WhatsApp or your email your choice

    • You don’t need to go to their offices just WhatsApp ICT Guy and he will help you set up an account within 24hrs and you will have your login details.

  4. As Howard has told you guys stop being skeptical just inbox ICT guy by clicking the whatsapp Icon found at the bottom of the page and give him the details you need for your account and lastly pay the 150,000ugx and he will now setup your account you guys thinking they will steal your cash its up to you us we have our accounts and were enjoying the Paypal service.

  5. Thanks for the services, lam Zaake. I have read your articles. can you please help me to learn; online surveys, watching a video and be paid, watching an advert and be paid etc. Thanks.

  6. Comment
    Is it possible for you to create a virtual paypal account for someone then just deduct the fee for creating it later in someone’s account

  7. Nice article so useful. I will have to open up a virtual account soon. This article has saved me from losing my money which I was going to recieve on a normal PayPal account


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