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There are many technology related ideas in Uganda that allow starting tech entrepreneurs to put their experience into building successful tech companies. Today I have compiled a list of 100 small tech business ideas you can start in Uganda. Most of these business ideas involve selling services which doesn’t require you to invest in any inventory or manufacturing equipment. The list also contains ideas you can start with very little startup capital. You can work solo as a consultant, or if necessary hire 1-3 workers to help you manage clients.

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1. Start a One-stop tech shop

One-stop tech shops are highly thriving in Uganda and any IT inclined entrepreneur should consider investing in one. A one-stop tech shop is a place where you can find and buy all your favorite tech gadgets such as mobile phones, computers/laptops, smartphones, cameras, accessories and other tech gadgets. Such type of IT shops work best in urban centers.

2. Computer repair and maintenance

If you have a technical and an expert understanding of computers and how they work, starting a computer repair and maintenance center can be a great business idea for you.

If you do not have computer repair skills but interested in doing this lucrative business, you could easily acquire them by taking short course in Computer Repairs and Maintenance from any recognized institute.

After acquiring the skills, all you need to do is purchase required work tools and rent a commercial working space in a strategic area such as an urban center where people who use computers are mostly based.

The market for this kind of business is huge. Today, there’s no serious corporate organization that operates without computers. Of course their computers can get faulty at some point and if you know what you do, you can always be called to offer your repair or maintenance services.

You can also supplement your business by selling complementary items such as Flash disks, Empty CDs, Software, hard disks, mice, keyboards, connection cables, monitors and so many other computer related items.

3. Phone repairing

Today almost every Ugandan owns either a feature phone or a smartphone and these phones get faulty from time to time and of course the owners will always want them fixed at some point.

According to the National IT Survey 2017/2018, conducted by the National Information Technology Authority Uganda (NITA-U), there are 24.8M mobile phone users in Uganda, accounting for 70.9% of Uganda’s total population.

If you can get a good location for your phone repair business, you will attract lots of clients because of the huge number of Ugandans that own feature phones, smartphones, tablets and pads.

4. Remote IT support

There are many businesses in Uganda that can’t afford employing a full-time or an in-house technical support team. This not only applies to businesses, but individuals as well, making outsourcing IT support services a potentially lucrative business in Uganda.

You can offer both remote and offline IT support services such as:

  • Backup solutions and data recovery
  • Software Installations and management
  • Smartphone setup
  • PC setup
  • Virus removal
  • Disaster preparedness

These services can be offered remotely via remote control software like TeamViewer or can be offered at the client’s home or workplace upon request.

5. Computer training

If you are exceptionally an expert with computers, software, hardware and other computer related technologies, why not startup a computer training center and teach others what you know at a cost? Computer skills are needed in Uganda like never before. Today, almost every job you apply for will require that you have at least some computer skills.

6. Mobile money transfer

You can start mobile money transfer business as an agent. Mobile money is the most popular money transfer system in Uganda and it is currently a booming business. With mobile business, you earn a commission on every successful transaction you make through your mobile money agent lines.

This kind of business can be very profitable especially if it is located in a very busy area where people transfer money on a daily basis. I have written a comprehensive guide on How To Start A Lucrative Mobile Money Business In Uganda.

You can also supplement your mobile money transfer business by acquiring POS systems and use them to pay bills for clients.

Most popular POS systems in Uganda include;

7. Internet research

With tons of information available online these days, having the ability to locate and validate information can be a marketable skill in Uganda. If you are too fast at finding information online, internet research can be an ideal business idea for you. Below are the services you can offer as an internet researcher:

  • Business research e.g market report
  • Company information research
  • Market and product research
  • Social media research
  • Ecommerce product research
  • Contact details research
  • Competitor web research
  • Company information research

8. Social media consulting / Social Media Management

Social media is a powerful marketing tool used by many small businesses in Uganda. You can use your social media expertise to start a social media consulting business where you help brands and individuals create strategies and content on several social media platforms such Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, WhatsApp, Pinterest etc.

List of social media consulting services include:

  • Social media management
  • Social media implementation guidelines
  • Social media account creation
  • Social media audit
  • Social media marketing strategy
  • Competitive analysis

9. Web design services

Another thriving business a techpreneur can start is offering web design services for small businesses. Research reveals that there are over 350M websites on the internet and these are not enough to meet the world’s demand of over 4.9 billion internet users. This means there’s still pretty much stuff to learn on the internet thus people are opening up more websites.

If you have web design skills, this is the time to start your web design agency in Uganda. There’s a large market waiting to be tapped. Many small businesses are getting online like never before. In this digital economy, any business that is not online does not sell.

The good thing with a web design business is you can attract clients from all over the world. In fact, most of the web design clients I get online are from abroad.

The other services you can offer along web design include:

  • Search Engine optimization
  • Graphics design
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Internet marketing
  • Domain registrations
  • Website hosting


10. Start a cyber café / Internet café

If you are looking to start a small tech business in Uganda, you can’t rule out the idea of an internet café.  However the introduction of smartphones and cheaper internet bundles has greatly affected café businesses in Uganda and they are no longer so much profitable as they used to be in the 2000s. Nevertheless, if you can strategically setup your café, you will still attract clients. Remember not everything done online can be done on a smartphone.

11. Start an eCommerce shop

It is safe to categorize an e-commerce shop as tech business because it uses the internet to make sales. There are several online store ideas which you can start today and start selling your productions online.

For example if you are passionate about fashion and you are interested in starting a business within that line but you don’t have enough to rent space, you can think of starting an online boutique.

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Online shops have leverage over traditional shops (or brick and motor shops). If you have an online shop, your clientele will not be restricted to only people within the area you operate. You can get clients from all over Uganda or even beyond Uganda if you have the capacity to ship abroad.

All you need to do is hire a professional web developer to create for you a quality e-commerce website (shop) where you can showcase your products.

To maximize your earnings, you will need to make an arrangement for cheap, reliable and timely shipping service.

Below are some examples of an online shop you can start:

  • Online Boutique
  • Online bar – deliver drinks
  • Home appliances shop
  • Electronics shop
  • Online Pharmacy

Popular e-commerce shops in Uganda include;

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12. Author and sell eBooks

Another way you can make money from the tech industry is starting the business of authoring and selling eBooks. Electronic books (eBooks) are books in soft copy format and can be downloaded on the internet from anywhere in the world.

There are unlimited topics you can write and of course there’s ready market for every topic. You will easily make money from eBooks if you write about content that teaches people how to do stuff.

For example if you are a web development expert, you can write an eBook about how to create a website or how to start a business if you are a business expert. People will only buy your eBooks if the information you are providing is helpful and cannot be easily found on the internet for free.

Below are some of the eBook ideas you can write about:

  • Business ideas in Uganda
  • Business plans
  • How To Guides
  • Cooking recipes
  • Parenting
  • Education and teaching
  • Health and fitness
  • Fashion
  • Hacking

13. Start blogging

It is justifiable to classify blogging under a small tech business because the internet is a major tool used in blogging. Blogging can be simply defined as an act of educating or passing valuable information to people via a blog or website. Many Ugandans, including myself, are making money from blogging.

If you believe you have extensive knowledge on a particular topic or subject and can create your own original content without copying and pasting, you can without doubt make money simply by sharing your knowledge to a wide range of targeted audience via your blog.

To make money from your blog, you must have the ability to create high quality original content. Great content will attract loads of traffic (human traffic) on your blog. The more people visit your blog, the more money you can make.

If your blog gets a lot of traffic, you can attract advertisement deals from different brands and top corporate organizations. You can also place Google AdSense ads on your blog or sell affiliate products and services. Check out: How To Monetize A Blog (Website) In Uganda [In-depth Guide]

Please understand that blogging is not about going on Facebook and start attacking celebrities, posting gossip news. Ugandans have always had a wrong understanding of what blogging is!

I have written a comprehensive guide on how to start a blog in Uganda and make money. I also offer a free blog setup service.

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Similarly, if you are a blogging expert and you have been recognized in your field, you can start offering Blogging Consulting services on your blog.

For starting bloggers, this might be a dream far distant from you, but with self-research and consistency, you can one day become a top-notch expert in your field.

Blogging consultants earn money by offering one-on-one consultancy sessions. People hire them to solve problems they face with blogging and they pay them premium amounts in return.

For instance on this blog, I offer the following blog consultancy services at I charge UGX 100,000 per hour:

  • Blog setup
  • Blog management
  • Blog marketing
  • Blog monetization strategies
  • Competitor analysis
  • Blog SEO
  • Blog speed optimization

14. Start an IT Networking Company

It is nearly impossible to find a serious corporate organization in Uganda without a computer. The introduction of computers and internet technologies has indeed given leverages to businesses.

Starting a business that offers networking service is yet another lucrative business idea in Uganda. Your target customers would be corporate organizations, especially SMEs that contract vendors to service their computers and networking.

It is cheaper for organizations to outsource networking services than employing a network specialist to that role.

So if you are a networking guru, why not consider starting a computer servicing and networking business?

Networking is indeed a profitable business venture.

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15. Start a tech website

Another interesting small tech business idea is starting a technology website focusing on Ugandan technology. The fact that there are many tech websites in the world doesn’t stop you from starting one.

It will definitely take some time for you to start earning money from your tech website but with hard work and consistency, you will one day start generating money from your tech website through corporate advertisement deals.

All you have to do is choose a technology niche that works best for your target audience. Start creating content and you will surely attract people to visit your website. Remember the more visitors you get, the more money you are likely to make from your website.

Below are the tech websites niches that work best in Uganda:

  • Product review tech websites
  • Mobile and PC hacks
  • Mobile specifications tech websites
  • Technology News websites
  • PC Troubleshooting
  • Information Security websites
  • Tech How To websites
  • Trending Tech websites
  • Definitive Tech Guides
  • Beginners Guide to programming
  • Space Technology
  • Mobile Repairs
  • PC Game Reviews
  • Internet Tips and Tricks
  • Web design guides
  • Artificial Intelligence

Most tech website owners in Uganda combine about 3-5 tech niches, making their websites robust and more engaging. It is advisable that you stick to one niche type, if your core niche is technology, stick to that. Do not mix it with politics or gossip.

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16. Start an Online School

Online learning is yet another small tech business idea one can invest in. The concept of online learning is rapidly growing in Uganda as Universities are starting to create e-learning platforms to allow them enroll students from all over the world with ease.

For this business to work best, you will need to acquire an e-learning software. But as a small business starter, investing into an e-learning system may be too expensive for you.

Just in case you can’t afford the software, you can opt for cheaper solutions such conducting lessons through video conferencing softwares like Skype, Zoom, GoToMeeting, Cisco WebEx etc

Depending on your skills or available skilled labour, you can start by offering short certificate courses. You can offer courses on any subject.

In future, when your business grows to a substantial level, you can apply from a license and accreditation from Uganda National Council of Higher Education (NCHE) and start offering NCHE accredited courses such as diplomas and degrees.

The best thing with starting an online school is you don’t need premises where you can operate your school as everything is done online.

17. Start Car Tracker Installation business

Another highly trending tech business in Uganda is car tracker installation. With the increasing number of cars and rampant car theft, there’s a clear market for car tracking devices in Uganda.

These systems have been proven to be efficient and Ugandans are not taking chances on their cars anymore.

Car trackers are not only used to track lost vehicles but are also used by fleet operators to comfortably manage their fleet of vehicles.

The devices can also be used to keep drivers under check, monitor fuel consumption and distance covered.

18. Start a secretarial services business

This is a booming business especially in areas occupied by elites such as urban centers and around institutions of learning.

Many people create, photocopy, print and laminate documents. Why not take this advantage and make money?

All you need to do is get a computer, photocopier, printer and some other accessories. The good thing with this business is you can operate it from anywhere, whether in your shop or restaurant.

19. Start an Online TV

Can you create TV shows? If yes then starting an online TV would be an ideal tech business idea for you.

Although there many mainstream TV stations outside there, it doesn’t in any way stop you from creating yours, online.

If your TV is well organized and packaged with engaging and educative shows, you will surely attract a huge viewership.

Having a huge viewership will of course land you mouthwatering sponsorship / advertisement deals from top brands.

This kind of business is still unpopular in Uganda but it can be a super cool way of making money especially if you work hard towards developing great content.

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20. Start an online radio

Similar to an Online TV, you can also start your own online radio station. Setting up an internet radio station is not expensive. The only difficult bit is getting listeners for your podcasts or talk shows. But if you are determined to create informative content, then you can surely make some cool cash from your radio. You can monetize your radio using audio ad spots.

21. Organize Tech Fairs / Expos

Many players in the tech industry are looking for a platform to showcase / market their goods and services. And one such platforms is tech events / expos.

Entrepreneurs and brands in the tech industry attend such fairs to market or create awareness for their goods and services.

If you can organize such events, brands and individuals will pay to attend. I can assure you, this is a very profitable business.

You can organize the events at national or regional levels.

Other small tech business ideas

  1. Start a Youtube channel [YouTube Channel Business]
  2. Become a podcaster
  3. Become a crypto trader
  4. Trade forex and stocks
  5. Become a freelancer
  6. Become a SEO consultant
  7. Start a software development company
  8. Start a social networking site
  9. Start online dating platform
  10. Become a social media influencer
  11. Start a legal music streaming service for Uganda
  12. Tech gadget rentals e.g projectors, cameras etc
  13. Graphic design and brand identity
  14. Online Journalism: Start a news website
  15. Affiliate sales and marketing
  16. Develop an app
  17. Digital marketing agency
  18. Help Ugandans buy and receive things from abroad
  19. Cyber security advisory services
  20. Tech business consultant
  21. Start a dropshipping business in Uganda
  22. Start an online food delivery business in Uganda
  23. Start an online customer care service centre. Offer customer care for companies.
  24. Start a customized clothing business. Buy plain clothing like hoodies, vests, tops, baseball and T-shirts. Customize / print them with trending slangs and sell online.
  25. Start a classifieds website like Jiji (former OLX).
  26. Start an online marketplace for professionals. Where people can hire professionals like doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers etc
  27. Start an online travel agency in Uganda. Provide premium travel advise to tourists.
  28. Start a business of buying and selling used electronics online
  29. Start a product review website
  30. Start an online life coaching business
  31. Software sales. Buy and resell genuine software.

To be continued…

The article will be updated periodically up to 100 small tech business ideas. So keep checking back. If you know any other small tech business idea that you think should be added on list, please leave it in the comments below. Thank you!

If you are looking for a complete business plan / proposal in any of the above business ideas, please Contact Me Here or WhatsApp me on +256797326164. Each complete business plan will cost you $100 or its equivalent in Uganda shillings.


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