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Many people love following the latest trends and there’s no problem with that. In fact for one to be ‘awesome’, following trends is something they must do. Following trends is very important in the world of web design that if you want to keep up with the ever growing competition. When it comes to web design, many web designers tend to ignore some important website usability details. In this post, I’m going to discuss the latest web design trends I hate in 2023. When you get to understand the reason why I hate them, you will probably start avoiding them too.

5 Web Design Trends I hate in 2023

Web design is constantly evolving and web designers are finding new ways to design websites in a bid to attract users and convert sales. However I personally find some of these design trends annoying. Here are 5 web design trends that I hate and I would never use them on my personal websites:

1. Infinite scroll

Infinite scroll loading is actually a cool feature and many people love it for its smoothness. The main reason infinite scroll is its automatic and unending scroll. This feature can be so annoying when the page you are scrolling has content. The footer will always be pushed to the bottom and you will not access it should you need to access any of its contents.

Pinterest uses infinite scroll yet they have a foot at the bottom. Sometimes when I visit Pinterest, I always try to catch up with the footer content, but whenever I scroll, the page just keeps extending.

This is not only annoying but it is a usability problem that website owners using this feature need to address. Facebook also faced same problem when they introduced a similar feature in the newsfeed and timelines, but the managed to solve the issue quite easily.

2. Parallax website galore

Parallax websites are not bad and to some extent are pleasing to the eye. Parallax websites are great especially when it comes to introducing new products and services where no much text is needed but fancy visual presentation.

The problem only comes in when a single page is loaded with multiple pages which would have been separated as individual pages in regular websites. Parallax websites also give user experience when scrolling through the page. The scroll is never as it will be always slower.

Parallax websites also tend to be heavy as a lot of media is used in the background. Loading files becomes slower and will load perfectly if the user is having a slower internet connection which will make them despise your website and might never visit it again.

That said, if well optimized, parallax websites can still attract people’s attention.

3. Floating elements

Many people find floating elements on websites fascinating such as sticky menu bars that hold up in one place while scrolling the page down to the footer. These floating elements can be implemented in both mobile and desktop websites and most people use them to show adverts. I have them because users will smaller screens can’t fully see the available and designwise don’t look good at all.

4. Inconsistent Fonts

Professional web designers today prefer combining 3-4 fonts one website. Personally I find this eye confusing and I believe this may make users not to put focus on your website content. There is nothing a bad about being creative and making your website look more beautiful, but mixing up tons of fonts is not the right way to do it.

5. Carousels and Sliders

Personally, I’m not a fan of carousels and sliders because I don’t believe they convert. Yes, it’s a good way to display important information in a carousels or siders, but does it really convert? Based on my experience, users tend to ignore these sliders and scroll down to look for more information. A clear CTA button would convert better than these two.

Web design trends I love in 2023

Below is a list of website web design trends I love in 2023

  • Mobile first design
  • Adaptive design
  • Fast loading pages
  • Responsive design
  • Flat design
  • Call to action bars that follow you
  • Background videos
  • Broken grid or asymmetrical layouts
  • Single page design
  • Micro-animations
  • Chatbots / Machine learning
  • 3D illustration



These are my personal opinions about the latest web design trends I hate. Remember having a great website with great quality can either make or break your online success. So before you go trendy on your website, consider these design unsavory trends.


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